Thursday, February 6th


China Coronavirus news update

  • At 04:00 on February 5th, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 3694 newly confirmed cases (2987 in Hubei), and 261 newly cured cases (113 in Hubei), which were cancelled on the same day. There were 21,365 close contacts of medical observations. There were 640 new severe cases (564 cases in Hubei), 73 death cases (70 cases in Hubei Province, 1 in Tianjin, 1 in Heilongjiang, and 1 in Guizhou), and 5328 suspected cases (3230 in Hubei).


  • As of 24:00 on February 5th, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps had reported a total of 28,018 confirmed cases, a total of 1153 cases were cured and discharged, 26,302 cases were isolated (including 3,859 severe cases), and a total of 563 died Cases, there are 24,702 suspected cases. A total of 282,813 close contacts were traced, and 186,354 close contacts were still in medical observation.


  • A total of 42 confirmed cases were reported from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 21 in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (1 death), 10 in the Macao Special Administrative Region and 11 in Taiwan.

source: National Health Commission of China

Coronavirus Worldwide news for Feb 6th

  • A senior Chinese official has ordered the authorities in the city of Wuhan to immediately round up all residents who have been infected with the coronavirus and place them in isolation , quarantine or designated hospitals .


  • According to Vietnamese state media , the 2 latest cases  a Sixteen – year – old and a 49 – year – old  are family members of a worker who lately tested positive for the virus after returning from Wuhan .


  • One more person has tested positive for coronavirus in the German state of Bavaria , the region’s health ministry has said ,  bringing the total of cases in Germany to Thirteen .


  • All UK hospitals have been told to prepare secure coronavirus zones to avoid a surge   in emergency departments ,  a leaked NHS letter has shown .


  • The outbreak of the new kind of coronavirus has also ensnared 2 cruise ships , with the passengers and crew now quarantined on the docked vessels in Hong Kong and Japan .


  • The FDA announced Tuesday that it has issued an emergency use authorization allowing the diagnostic test for the novel coronavirus to be used at any CDC – qualified lab in the country .


  • There are now 7 people infected by the coronavirus in Singapore’s 1st cluster of local transmission , which is related to a Chinese tour group that visited Yong Thai Hang in Cavan Road last month .

Wednesday, February 5th


Coronavirus news summary, Feb 5th

  • Hyundai ,  the world’s fifth – largest carmaker ,  said on Tuesday that it was suspending production lines at its automobile factories in South Korea ,  one of the 1st major manufacturers to face serious supply chain concerns due to the coronavirus .
  • Macau’s recognized official said on Tuesday that the government will shut down the city’s lucrative casinos for half 30 days to combat the coronavirus outbreak ,  a drastic move which will further weaken the Chinese territory’s ailing economy .
  • The 1st coronavirus – infected patients arrive at the newly built hospital in Wuhan .
  • The head of the World Health Company Ghebreyesus said some nations are lagging in the global fight against the deadly new coronavirus outbreak .
  • A Chinese doctor who tried to raise the alarm about the new coronavirus before it was even identified was threatened by his government to stop  “making false comments.”
  • International airports in New York City ,  Los Angeles and San Francisco ,  California ,  have been screening arriving passengers for signs of coronavirus infection .
  • On February Three ,  a 3rd positive case of the coronavirus was reported in India’s southern state of Kerala ,  the country’s health ministry said  .
  • South Korea said a 42 years old woman tested positive for coronavirus after visiting Thailand ,  bringing the couple of cases in the country to Sixteen .
  • A Thirty year old Vietnamese man ,  who returned from Wuhan ,  and one more unidentified person tested positive for coronavirus on February Four ,  bringing the couple of infected people to 10 .
  • The new coronavirus’s incubation period  meaning the time it does take from a person being infected with the virus to when they start out showing symptoms is still unknown .
  • For health care workers in contact with coronavirus patients ,  the CDC suggests a more specialized kind of mask  one which is individually fitted to a person’s face to create a seal and that filters out 95% of particles that least 0.3 microns in diameters .
  • Authorities are tracking the contacts of a Malaysian who had tested positive for the novel coronavirus after attending a meeting at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Singapore that involved Chinese nationals .
  • 3 Japanese citizens who returned on a government – sponsored charter plane from Wuhan on Wednesday morning tested positive for the coronavirus ,  bringing the couple of confirmed cases in Japan to Eleven .
  • German officials said on Tuesday that a Thirty three year old man from Starnberg in Bavaria was undoubtedly infected with the coronavirus after attending a training event with a Chinese colleague .
  • In an article published by The New England Journal of Medicine on Tuesday ,  Vietnamese physicians reported that a 65 year old man from Wuhan appeared to have transmitted the coronavirus to his son ,  27 ,  who was living in Long An Province ,  southwest of Ho Chi Minh City .
  • CDC activated its EOC to coordinate with WHO ,  federal ,  state and local public health partners ,  and clinicians in response to 2019 nCoV  ( coronavirus )  .
  • Prof Martin Dove ,  a British academic ,  said no one from the UK government had tried to contact him regarding the coronavirus outbreak despite lately returning home from working in Wuhan .

Tuesday, February 4th

Coronavirus News Summary For Today

  • Russia will set up a quarantine area in Siberia for people travelling back from China’s Hubei province due to the coronavirus outbreak , Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said Tuesday.
  • Sweeping travel restrictions related to the Wuhan coronavirus are now in effect at US airports, but there are still questions about how the new rules will be enforced.
  • Scientists at a UK public health authority investigating the coronavirus have discovered that the virus has not evolved  to better infect humans   since its genome was first sequenced in China.
  • Two additional evacuation flights for American citizens are scheduled to depart Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak, on Tuesday for military bases in California with a combined 550 passengers on board, a US official with knowledge of the matter told CNN’s Steven Jiang in Beijing.
  • Thai health officials have confirmed six additional cases of the Wuhan coronavirus  bringing the countrywide total to 25.
  • A Canadian man on a flight from Toronto Jamaica falsely announced to passengers that he had the coronavirus, forcing the plane to return to the airport where he was arrested, police said on Tuesday.
  • Facebook Inc said it will take down misinformation about China’s fast-spreading coronavirus, in a rare departure from its usual approach to dubious health content that is presenting a fresh challenge for social media companies.
  • The Trump administration, while insisting the risk to Americans from coronavirus is low, nevertheless declared a public health emergency on Friday and announced the extraordinary step of barring entry to the United States of foreign nationals who have recently visited China.
  • Many Americans likely grew a little nervous after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced Thursday that a novel coronavirus has spread for the first time within the U.S .
  • The CDC has not recommended that Americans wear protective masks or take dramatic measures against coronavirus.
  • A Belgian woman who has tested positive for coronavirus is reported to have been on the same French flight that brought back UK citizens from China on Sunday.
  • A doctor who led the World Health Organisation’s response to the 2002-03 Sars outbreak said it is too early to tell when the coronavirus will peak, but it appears the disease is still on the increase.
  • In a study published in the journal Nature, Shi Zhen-Li and colleagues at the Wuhan Institute of Virology reported that genome sequences from seven patients were 96 per cent identical to a bat coronavirus.
  • The mainland’s latest figures of 425 deaths and 20,438 confirmed infections of the new coronavirus were up sharply from the previous day.
  • The CDC is investigating over 80 cases of coronavirus, with one patient in New York City, as the numbers multiply around the world and the U.S. prepares to get more Americans out of Wuhan.
  • Investors worried about the economic impact of coronavirus contributed to the Dow’s worst day since August.
  • New Coronavirus Identified in Central China Pneumonia Outbreak. The virus, which has sickened at least 59 people, does not appear to transmit easily between humans.
  • The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care said: “Two patients in England who are members of the same family tested positive for Coronavirus.
  • There is a  high likelihood   the coronavirus will land in London, but hospitals here are prepared for the looming emergency, London’s top public health official said Sunday.
  • By all indications SARS, which killed about 10 percent of those infected, was a deadlier virus than the new coronavirus circulating now.
  • ISSA and the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), a division of ISSA, have issued a statement about the Wuhan coronavirus and will continue to monitor and provide updated information about the outbreak.
  • As two people are held in isolation in Fiji, a public health professor says the Pacific must protect itself from the Wuhan coronavirus.
  • Video As the spread of coronavirus expands to at least 22 countries, India’s government is advising citizens to practice homeopathy to stave off infection.
  • The outbreak of a mysterious new coronavirus is rapidly spreading,   India’s government said in a news release this week.
  • India has only reported one confirmed case of the coronavirus, which has been found to be transmissible between people.
  • The CDC said to prevent the coronavirus people should stick to the tried-and-true methods they would use to avoid any virus.
  • India’s government has been roundly criticized for recommending homeopathy to prevent coronavirus infection.
  • The government’s Twitter account posted a coronavirus advisory on Wednesday, Jan 29., recommending popular alternative medicines for the prevention and management of the lethal new virus.
  • The case of a man who contracted coronavirus from a carrier with no symptoms could be a  game changer,   according to an infectious disease expert.

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