Friday February 21th


Latest Coronavirus news February 21th

  • Regulators at FDA and the FTC should act rapidly to protect consumers from any supplement maker who claims their product would prevent , cure or deactivate Covid-19.

  • CNBC reported that Amazon was one of few tech giants that met with the World Health Company at Facebook’s Menlo Park , Calif . offices to talk about how to stop misinformation about the coronavirus on their platforms . On Amazon , sellers have offered books that stoke fears about the virus , while vitamin C products have increasingly surfaced due to false reports it could cure the coronavirus .

  • Kuwait Airways suspends flights to Iran amid fears from coronavirus outbreak on the recommendations of the Kuwaiti health ministry and civil aviation authority amid fears about a coronavirus outbreak in the country .

  • The Chinese foreign minister has agreed to strengthen cooperation with Southeast Asian nations and share timely info the coronavirus .

  • Shanghai’s high recovery rate of 50 per cent is being lauded as a role model for other provincial and municipal authorities to tackle the coronavirus outbreak .

  • With the coronavirus outbreak holding millions in East Asia away from the office , there are plenty of ways to avoid cabin fever while working from home .

  • Coronavirus outbreak helps lawmakers make case on drug shortage bills

  • Another Shell employee working at The Metropolis in Buona Vista was identified to have close contact with a person that tested positive for the coronavirus on Fourteen February .

  • Anti – profiteering measures The Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry ( MTI ) issued notices to a couple of firms that it suspects to have engaged in profiteering from the coronavirus situation in the country .

  • Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and the National Institutes of Health ( NIH ) in the US have created a 3D map of the coronavirus to help design vaccines and antiviral treatments .

  • Nearly 4 dozen lawmakers asked the White House to make certain any therapy for the fast – moving coronavirus which is developed with U.S. taxpayer funds is reasonably priced.

  • At Tsinghua University in Beijing , Zhang Linqi has switched from HIV to the novel coronavirus ; his lab members even make a decisioned to forgo the Lunar New Year celebrations last month. on the coronavirus’s surface , a protein that helps it enter human cells ; Zhang’s lab has joined industrial partners to develop a vaccine targeting the spike .

  • Andrew Pattison , digital business solutions manager for the World Health Organisation , said that false info about Covoid-19 was ” spreading faster than the virus ” .

  • While purple blood is not a symptom of the coronavirus , the idea rapidly gained traction on Twitter , with users logging on to express their fears .

  • Related story : Researchers find 2 new drugs that could effectively inhibit coronavirus ” Info and data of clinical trials for Lopinavir and Ritonavir and traditional Chinese medicines are being collected , ” NHC spokesperson Song Shuli was quoted as saying by Xinhua .

  • Coronavirus shows why you need to read travel insurance policy before you buy.

  • Fears over the coronavirus spreading to more countries escalated after an American cruise passenger , who previously showed no symptoms , was diagnosed with the virus on Sunday after disembarking the MS Westerdam .

  • Canada making a short-term home for 209 Canadian passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise who’ve tested negative for the extremely contagious coronavirus . Now they’ll be retested for the coronavirus before boarding a plane chartered by the Canadian government to take them home Thursday evening , Foreign Affairs Minister Fran’ois – Philippe Champagne confirmed Wednesday .

  • Twitter , Facebook and Google’s filters and algorithms may possibly be a fairly good get starteding point in tackling misinformation about coronavirus and allow people to easily find relevant and authoritative updates .

  • Compliments for Rivkees came as the surgeon has faced criticism for not being forthcoming with info about the couple of Florida residents who have been tested for the virus . Rivkees told a Senate committee this week that doctors who suspect cases of the coronavirus have been instructed to contact county health departments , collect specimens and ship them to the CDC for testing .

  • Weyburn couple Tom and Marilyn Schuck spent an unexpectedly long time at sea after their asiatic cruise was upended as a consequence of fears some of its passengers might possibly be infected with a novel coronavirus .

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