Saturday February 22th


Latest Coronavirus news February 22th

  • In Japan , chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga confirmed that a medication developed to treat HIV is being considered for approval in a COVID – 19 trial . The fairly good news is that lots of antiviral medications work on nearly any couple of viruses that are closely related or have shared characteristics .

  • British passengers are being transferred after they left the coronavirus – hit cruise ship Diamond Princess

  • Greater than Five hundred British Columbians have been tested for COVID – 19 and just 6 cases have been confirmed , according to the provincial health officer , Dr . Bonnie Henry .

  • Coronavirus Cases in the America Reach 34 , and More Are Anticipated. The contagion presents a tremendous public health threat ?

  • PAHO is performing briefings with clinical professionals in Latin America and the Caribbean to share case info COVID – 19 and make sure that data collection is standardized and that countries are taught on how to detect , prevent , respond to , and control the virus .

  • The World Health organization is sharing social media posts to debunk widely circulated rumors about coronavirus cures .

  • Japan govt faces questions over coronavirus , Tokyo cancels events Japan faced growing questions about whether it was doing enough to stop the spread of the coronavirus on Friday , as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said it might probably cancel or postpone major indoor events it has sponsored for the next 3 weeks .

  • Speaking to reporters at the end of a special EU summit on budget , EU leaders took the chance to reassure the public about the outbreak of coronavirus in Northern Italy .

  • The Chinese Ministry of Health has officially included the drug Arbidol ( active ingredient : umifenovir ) in the list of medications against the COVID-19 coronavirus .

  • Japan Plans HIV Drug Trials to Fight Coronavirus as Diamond Princess Cases Rise Japan plans to get started trials of HIV medications to treat coronavirus patients as an increase in the couple of cases poses a growing threat to the economy and public health , the government’s leading spokesman said on Tuesday .

  • Taiwan bans pork imports from Italy Food Processing Technology

  • Flight carrying Canadians from Japanese cruise ship riddled with COVID-19 lands at CFB Trenton

  • A Toronto man had to be hospitalized upon his return , while his wife had been in self – isolation at home with milder symptoms .

  • The US Department of Agriculture echoed a sentiment on the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the Phase One trade deal .

  • if you’ve been lately tested in the U . S . for respiratory viruses by your primary care physician or local health system , and have got a positive result for coronavirus , it could not be the Wuhan strain .

  • Researchers find 2 new drugs that could effectively inhibit coronavirus ” Info and data of clinical trials for Lopinavir and Ritonavir and traditional Chinese medicines are being collected , ” NHC spokesperson Song Shuli was quoted as saying by Xinhua .

  • The 5G rollout is already behind , and coronavirus can slow it even more. The slow 5G network rollout was already causing confusion and disappointment for tech investors , however a sudden illness has made it worse .

  • Barcelona’ s Mobile World Congress , the greatest annual mobile – focused trade show , was canceled earlier this month as a consequence of coronavirus fears .

  • Some people who were evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship and flown back to the USA on charter flights tested positive for novel coronavirus , according to a joint statement from the US Departments of State and Health and Human Services .

  • 150 teachers across Alberta have signed on to programming meant to teach students about health and the importance of immunizations , including new content about the deadly coronavirus . The ministry affirmed that all people in direct contact with the coronavirus patients are being checked to make sure the safety of the community and that the disease won’t break out in the country .

  • A dangerous mix of fear and fake news about the coronavirus has sparked violent protests in Ukraine , despite there being no confirmed cases in the country . Tensions reached a fever pitch by midday in the village of Novi Sanzhary , in Ukraine’s central Poltava region , where residents protested the arrival of the evacuees over fears they may well be infected with the coronavirus , including smashing the windows of buses transporting them .

  • The novel coronavirus is the latest in a group of at least 3 other respiratory illnesses that have arisen and spread to varying extents in the last decade and a half .

  • A man with ties to Arizona State University in Tempe is now out of isolation after no longer being infected by the coronavirus , the Maricopa County Department of Health confirmed on Friday evening . `Health Minister Roberto Speranza told reporters as doctors tested 100 of those people that most likely have come into contact with the coronavirus sufferers .

  • The deadly outbreak of coronavirus , which has infected higher than 75,000 people worldwide , is having an impact on the Chinese economy and markets proximately the world .

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