Thursday February 20th


Latest Coronavirus news February 15th

  • Hunt For New Coronavirus Treatments Includes Gene – Silencing And Monoclonal Antibodies.

  • Diamond Princess Passengers Leave Ship As Expert Slams Quarantine February Nineteen , 2020 .

  • Fourteen Americans Taken Off Cruise Ship And Flown To U . S . Test Positive For Coronavirus.

  • 1st Cases of Coronavirus in Iran Have Killed Two Elderly Citizens , State News Agency Says.

  • The initial funding that was given out to prepare a series of hospitals to look after Ebola patients is about to expire , which is happening coincidentally at a time when we’re about to must handle the coronavirus .

  • Some Coronavirus Testing Kits Sent to some U.S. States were Faulty.

  • Study Finds No Risk of Coronavirus in Offspring Born to Infected Mothers.

  • Troy Madsen explains why coronavirus is closer to an incredibly bad flu and how taking typical flu – season precautions could hold you from becoming infected .

  • Coronavirus outbreak helps lawmakers make case on drug shortage bills.

  • The World Health Organization ( WHO ) has published recommendations on basic protective measures against coronavirus on its site , that includes washing hands regularly and maintaining distance from other people .

  • There are chances to rapidly manufacture big amounts of the coronavirus antigen that might be formulated to stimulate the immune system against the virus .

  • Iranian authorities confirmed on Wednesday 2 cases of the new coronavirus , the 1st in the country , the semi – official ISNA news agency reported .

  • Jimmy Whitworth , a professor of international public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine , said studies confirms previous impressions of COVID-19 as being fairly moderate for a lot of people .

  • The Chinese government agencies have launched a joint law enforcement campaign to crack down on violations of the wildlife trade ban , in a bid to control the novel coronavirus outbreak .

  • 5 patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 , are being transferred to Spokane’s Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center .

  • Scientists warn of possible calamity from novel coronavirus in African countries with powerful connects to Chinese investment and travel while ill-prepared to detect cases and limit transmission .

  • It’s fascinating to note the difference between Canada’s response to the coronavirus , and climate change , on the other .

  • The unproven claim that coronavirus spread from eating bats is among the most prevalent rumors about the outbreak on YouTube and the wider internet.

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