Tuesday February 18th


Latest Coronavirus news February 18th

  • The Canadian Press Nurses Warn Federal Health Standards Put Them At Risk For Coronavirus. They say the current guidelines put health care workers at risk .

  • Coronavirus Cases Climb On Cruise Ship Under Quarantine In Japan So far , 174 infections have been confirmed on the Diamond Princess .

  • Apple blames coronavirus for revenue. Apple says the coronavirus outbreak would hurt its manufacturing and sales ,

  • Hong Kong Group chief financial officer , Ewen Stevenson , said : We anticipate to take additional loan loss provisions because of the coronavirus and the weakened outlook for the Hong Kong economy .

  • The most critical thing you could do to prevent coronavirus and other illnesses is to wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face .

  • A global health disaster like coronavirus is a golden chance for criminals looking to steal your personal info or cash through e-mail attacks .

  • Malicious e-mail connected to the coronavirus 1st appeared in early February , making it one of the 1st substantial phishing campaigns of the year .

  • Sophos , a U . K . – based internet security agency , lately warned about bogus e-mails that look to be providing info about coronavirus safety measures. Chester Wisniewski , a senior security adviser at Sophos , said the e-mail is short and easy , something which could be created in just a few minutes .

  • On Tuesday , HSBC , the London – based bank with deep roots in Hong Kong , said that it will possibly cut 35,000 jobs over the next 3 years , in part as a result of the coronavirus outbreak .

  • Amy Herold , M . D . , Chief Medical Officer at Queen of the Valley assured the hospital is equipped to manage the virus and that caregivers are prepared and have practiced for coronavirus scenarios .

  • South Korea President Moon Jae – in declared an economic emergency on Tuesday and promised measures to stimulate demand shield businesses from the impact of the coronavirus outbreak .

  • The COVID – 19 cases include reasonably few kids , and the risk of death rises with age .

  • It is now quite common to see people wearing facial masks in the UAE , as residents adopt measures to protect themselves .

  • Pandemic expert says NZ too slow to act on coronavirus Coronavirus.

  • Covid – 19 has hit tech giants Apple and Alibaba’s revenue , caused havoc within Dubai’s hospitality industry and caused a drop in demand for diamonds and bananas .

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