Wednesday, February 5th


Coronavirus news summary, Feb 5th

  • Hyundai ,  the world’s fifth – largest carmaker ,  said on Tuesday that it was suspending production lines at its automobile factories in South Korea ,  one of the 1st major manufacturers to face serious supply chain concerns due to the coronavirus .
  • Macau’s recognized official said on Tuesday that the government will shut down the city’s lucrative casinos for half 30 days to combat the coronavirus outbreak ,  a drastic move which will further weaken the Chinese territory’s ailing economy .
  • The 1st coronavirus – infected patients arrive at the newly built hospital in Wuhan .
  • The head of the World Health Company Ghebreyesus said some nations are lagging in the global fight against the deadly new coronavirus outbreak .
  • A Chinese doctor who tried to raise the alarm about the new coronavirus before it was even identified was threatened by his government to stop  “making false comments.”
  • International airports in New York City ,  Los Angeles and San Francisco ,  California ,  have been screening arriving passengers for signs of coronavirus infection .
  • On February Three ,  a 3rd positive case of the coronavirus was reported in India’s southern state of Kerala ,  the country’s health ministry said  .
  • South Korea said a 42 years old woman tested positive for coronavirus after visiting Thailand ,  bringing the couple of cases in the country to Sixteen .
  • A Thirty year old Vietnamese man ,  who returned from Wuhan ,  and one more unidentified person tested positive for coronavirus on February Four ,  bringing the couple of infected people to 10 .
  • The new coronavirus’s incubation period  meaning the time it does take from a person being infected with the virus to when they start out showing symptoms is still unknown .
  • For health care workers in contact with coronavirus patients ,  the CDC suggests a more specialized kind of mask  one which is individually fitted to a person’s face to create a seal and that filters out 95% of particles that least 0.3 microns in diameters .
  • Authorities are tracking the contacts of a Malaysian who had tested positive for the novel coronavirus after attending a meeting at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Singapore that involved Chinese nationals .
  • 3 Japanese citizens who returned on a government – sponsored charter plane from Wuhan on Wednesday morning tested positive for the coronavirus ,  bringing the couple of confirmed cases in Japan to Eleven .
  • German officials said on Tuesday that a Thirty three year old man from Starnberg in Bavaria was undoubtedly infected with the coronavirus after attending a training event with a Chinese colleague .
  • In an article published by The New England Journal of Medicine on Tuesday ,  Vietnamese physicians reported that a 65 year old man from Wuhan appeared to have transmitted the coronavirus to his son ,  27 ,  who was living in Long An Province ,  southwest of Ho Chi Minh City .
  • CDC activated its EOC to coordinate with WHO ,  federal ,  state and local public health partners ,  and clinicians in response to 2019 nCoV  ( coronavirus )  .
  • Prof Martin Dove ,  a British academic ,  said no one from the UK government had tried to contact him regarding the coronavirus outbreak despite lately returning home from working in Wuhan .

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